Walk the Walk – Truvision

Walk the Walk – Truvision

What Do I Do For Exercise?

Although TruVision Health Weight loss products do NOT come with a certain diet or exercise program, making simple lifestyle changes can result in HUGE changes. The TruVision products work from the inside out, helping to heal and repair the body, its organs, and functions. Most people see results from the truControl/TruFix/rePLACE combo without doing much else! However, those people that incorporate even basic lifestyle changes into their daily routine, experience dramatic changes and long-term results.

We’ve talked a lot about food, with a huge focus on what to eat and how much to eat. Now we want to do a bit of discussion about what to do when you finally feel like getting active again! Exercise programs can be overwhelming, intimidating, frustrating, expensive and difficult to keep up with. Because you’re already making significant changes to your food and with your TruVision Weight Loss supplements, we want to take the next steps to exercise very slowly and simply.

Luckily, TruVision Health has the first step already in place for you…literally. The company has a program called the 10K Pledge. It’s very simple. Get an activity tracker, download the TruVision 10K pledge app, (Google Play Version) sync it up, and start walking! That’s it. Instead of spending the extra 30 minutes on the couch in the evening, the 10K Pledge program encourages people to get up and get OUT! The company has ongoing contests and incentive programs to reward those who complete their 10K pledge on a regular basis. All you need to do is WALK! For those who commit to the 10K Pledge, walking an average of 10,000 steps a day is the first “step” to getting healthy. With the 10K App, you can also track your water intake, sleep habits, calories burned, steps climbed, and active minutes. The 10K Pledge just helps bring awareness to your everyday efforts to get healthy!

Walk The Walk

TruVision even rewards its leaders by GIVING you a FitBit when you reach the rank of 1-Star. This encourages leaders not only talk the talk but literally walk the walk! Rewards and incentives for reaching your 10K a day, increase as you consecutively achieve your goal. For example Month 1 – 12, once the goal is met, 1 Sample or product of equal value will be sent out for each consecutive month. Once the 13th consecutive month is achieved, 2 Samples or product of equal value will be sent out for every consecutive month going forward. The cap on the Sample Packs is 2. On consecutive months 3, 6, 9, and 12, the Associate or Preferred Customer will receive a TruVision Health branded car decal/sticker, visor, Jacket or Nike running shoes respectively!

It’s almost hard to believe! TruVision gives you free product, clothes, and gear JUST FOR WALKING!

This is the perfect way to introduce exercise into your daily regimen. It is a completely easy and FREE way to start making simple lifestyle changes. TruVision Health realizes that it’s not realistic for everyone to get a gym membership, hire a trainer, or buy a home gym. They DO realize that getting up off the couch and simply walking every day can make a huge difference in your health and well being. If you haven’t already, download the 10K Pledge app. Sync your activity tracker. Get with a few friends and create a walking group. Make the decision each day to eat well, drink water, take your TruVision Health Weight Loss Products and simply, walk…


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