TruVision Core Products – Part 1

TruVision Core Products – Part 1

“The Combo”

Take Control of your life with the Weight Loss Combo. These products are revolutionizing the weight loss industry, by providing safe, effective, and naturally-derived weight loss solutions. Success with these products is at a level never before seen in this multi-billion dollar industry.


Take one of each capsule WITH breakfast and one of each capsule WITH lunch. You must continue to eat food while taking these products. Although they have a mild appetite suppressant, it is very important that you continue eating. Our bodies need calories and nutrients to function. The products will work, even when, and especially when, you are eating good, healthy meals. If you feel shaky or nervous, this is your body telling you that it does not have enough food. Please eat! A great way to reduce the jitters, is to blend up a rePLACE shake with your favorite frozen fruit or milk alternative, like coconut or almond milk. Have a protein-packed snack of veggies and almonds with a few slices of cheese, or a couple of boiled eggs with tomato slices. Having a peanut butter and honey sandwich on wheat toast is a tasty and rounded snack which will keep you satisfied til your next meal! And most of all, DRINK WATER! You must be drinking a minimum of 64ox of water a day. Even better? Try working up to your Body Weight, in ounces, of water each day. This will help clean and clear your system and provide adequate hydration for the work your body is doing to get healthy. Ask you Associate about our Heart & Hydration water packets. Heart & Hydration provides not only a tasty alternative to plain water, but a heart-healthy supplement called CoQ10 and clean-burning, stimulant-free energy in the form of Inulin.

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