TruVision Core Products – Part 3

TruVision Core Products – Part 3

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take all the supplements we need to take every day. If you’re just looking into TruVision Products, or have been taking them for a while, you know that consistency is key! We’ve made it even easier to remember to take the TruVision Products consistently by repackaging truControl in powder form! Every single packet of reFORM can be poured into a 12+ ounce water bottle and sipped over a few minutes. This product is especially useful if you HATE swallowing capsules. Or if you don’t like the feeling of products sitting in your stomach, which can sometimes make you sick if not taken with food. reFORM changes all of that! Simply mix reFORM into your morning water bottle, take your truFIX, and enjoy the weight loss and energy you’re used to having with truControl! Taking reFORM twice a day with truFIX will greatly increase your weight loss results and catapult you to the healthy lifestyle you’ve been hoping for.

“Experience TruVision Health’s reFORM™. A delicious passion fruit formula that combines nature’s most effective weight-loss ingredients in a convenient single-serve drink format. reFORM™ is designed to assist you in accelerating your weight-loss journey. Utilizing the proven active ingredients in truCONTROL™, reFORM™ helps to curb your appetite while increasing energy. reFORM™ is synergistically formulated with components that support adrenal health, metabolic processes, and a variety of natural ingredients that are designed to combat weight gain and fatigue. TruVision’s reFORM™ is effective, delicious, and easy to share.”

Heart & Hydration

Heart & Hydration is the perfect marriage of function and flavor! Mix Heart & Hydration into any water bottle for healthy hydration all day long. There are no artificial colors/flavors/or stimulants, so you can add Heart & Hydration to your daily water regimen as often as you’d like! Drink 2 or 3 a day for maximum benefit. Mixing reFORM with Heart & Hydration in the morning and at lunch is the perfect way to boost your metabolism, support heart function, AND have a boost of clean energy all day long. This product comes in Passion Fruit and Grape flavors.

Truvision Core Product

“TruVision Health’s HEART & HYDRATION is an excellent alternative to today’s sugared, carbonated and stimulate-laden beverages. Proper hydration, combined with electrolyte replenishment, is of paramount importance. Our HEART & HYDRATION product services two vitally important needs of the body:

  • Cardiovascular Function: With today’s stress levels, sleep patterns and unhealthy eating behaviors, more and more people are succumbing to cardiovascular disease. Our drink supplies ingredients vital to proper heart health.
  • Proper Hydration And Replenishment Of Electrolytes On A Cellular Level: Dehydration destroys proper cell function and affects virtually every major organ and system. Electrolytes are charged particles, found in body fluids, that help transmit electrical impulses for the proper functioning of the heart, muscles, and nerves. HEART & HYDRATION rehydrates and replenishes electrolytes in a healthy way without sugar, caffeine or carbonation.”



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